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iBO launched its second Chapter, SAAHAS, in October 2021 with around 5 members. It has now grown to 15 members chapter with members participating from various cities in India. Saahas Meetings are held every Thursday over Zoom at 7:45 AM

Saahas is a virtual business networking chapter within the iBO platform, focused on fostering connections and collaborations among professionals who are passionate about social entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices. As a chapter under iBO Saahas provides a dedicated space for individuals to come together, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities for creating positive impact through their businesses.

Within the Saahas chapter, members have the chance to engage in discussions, share insights, and learn from industry leaders and experts in the field of entrepreneurship. The chapter aims to create a supportive and collaborative community, where professionals can connect with like-minded individuals, forge strategic partnerships, and leverage their collective knowledge and resources to drive sustainable business practices.

Saahas offers a range of virtual networking events, webinars, and workshops that provide valuable learning opportunities and facilitate meaningful connections. By participating in these events, members can expand their network, gain exposure to innovative ideas, and find potential collaborators or mentors who share a common vision for growing your business positively.

Join Saahas within iBO to be part of a dynamic virtual business networking chapter that supports and empowers individuals in their business journey. Together, let’s build businesses that grow organically and as a iBO Family!

Head Table

Jagan Shyam Kusuma


Ms. Nidhi Bandaru

Vice Captain

Ravi R

Chapter Finance & Treasurer

Chapter Happenings

Know Your Member (KYM)

Share Experiences & Exchange Business Ideas

Business Presentation

Create Professional Business Presentations and share


Monthly Trainings on different topics to enhance your business skills


Reach out to new markets and new clients through Referrals

Learning Curve

Enhance your Business Skills by learning a new concept every week

Celebrations & Fun Time

Connect with various families and create a great bonding

Categories Taken

Mind Power
Cold Pressed Oils
Image Management & Leadership Coach
Financial Planning

Your Business Category Not Taken? Join the Chapter Now!


By connecting with a PAN India network our members are delighted and excited to share their accomplishments and Journey

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