iBO Growth Partner

Expanding iBO Networking Community

At iBO, we understand that the success of any business networking group relies on a strong and engaged community. As your dedicated growth partner, we are committed to bring like-minded professionals and grow iBO Network. With your expertise, resources, and proven strategies, you will support in bringing new members into the fold and fostering a thriving community of connections and collaboration.

Are you ready to bring passionate professionals into iBO group? Partner with iBO as a growth partner to attract, engage, and grow a vibrant community of members who share your vision for business success and so can you earn a monthly passive income.

Growth Partner Benefits

Passive Income on referring members

Passive Income on referring members

Build Connections & Network

Build Connections & Network

Training from Experts

Training from Experts

Weekly Payouts on successful referral

Weekly Payouts on successful referral

Zero Investment

Zero Investment

Work from anywhere

Work from anywhere

Growth Partner Earning

₹3000 on every referral

Who is a growth Partner

A growth partner is one who wants to earn extra income by connecting us to small business owners.

Is it a full time or partime opportunity?

It’s not a job – However, one can do it as part time/full time.

Will I be trained on what work I have to do?

Yes, you will be trained on how to be successful growth partner.

Do I have to invest any money?

No. There is no investment that you have to make, but for your time

Any qualification required?

If you are having an android phone, and can speak  English, Hindi and and your regional langue’s. That is enough.

Is this a work from home opportunity ?

You can work from any part of the country.

Will I have to sign any document /agreement.

Yes, well send you the contract letter which is valid for 6 months. On satisfactory performance, it can renewed. The decision of the management on that front is final.

How will I be paid, what is the frequency?

Every business owner who you refer to us, and becomes our member, your referral fee will be transferred within  6 working days of we receiving the  annual membership fee from the member referred.

Will there be any review meetings that I have to attend.?

Yes weekly once on zoom for max 30 minutes

Any age criteria to be met ?

Any one above 18 + years can be a growth partner with us.

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